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Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

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Experience the beauty of the night sky in your home with the Galaxy Moon Light. Our high-quality lamp casts a beautiful, soft light with 16 colors to choose from. Each color perfectly mimics the colors of a real moonlit night. You can select just one color or let it cycle through all of them as a way to really set the mood. The cool remote control allows you to turn on and off this impressive light quickly and easily. This wonderful light is perfect for kids’ rooms or adults who need some extra lighting that sets a calming atmosphere. Plus, it makes a great gift for any occasion! With the Moon Lamp, you can create an enchanting universe right in your own home - order yours today!

How Many Colors Does It Have?

The Moon Lamp has 16 different color settings!


This Product Will take about 2 or 3 days to get approved and finally Will take 15 to 19 buisness days to Arrive to your destination.!

Is The Wood Included?

Yes, The Wood Stand is Included!

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Our Moon Lamp

A light to you in dark places❤️ The rise and fall of the moon brings tides of change. This time has been marked with turbulent seas. Some days can feel good, and others feel strange. We’ve learned to live differently, To love more unconditionally, To turn negatives into good, To strengthen our adaptability, To accept the things we cannot change, And to keep pushing forward when the future looks dark. This Limited-Edition Moon Lamp represents our unity in this moment in time. It is a reminder that we all sleep under one moon, one sky, and without darkness we wouldn’t know the warmth of the light. Every time you or someone special sees this light, we want you to remember we are all together during times that seem dark. The dawn of a new moon is kind and do good for the world. The ripples of the kind heart will touch every corner of the universe. 💡 Join us and spread your light